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Elopement Wardrobe Stylist & Designer

"Every single bride deserves to feel invincible, beautiful, and powerful on their wedding day."

You deserve to have your bridal attire vision brought to life and tell your bridal story in a way only YOU can.

Because, hunny, there is no such thing as being “extra” on your wedding day. 

You can only be you and OWN it. That’s what I want for you!

I’m Nichole! The Creative Director, Lead Stylist, and Designer behind Style Me NeNe.


I always dreamed of eloping in Paris. Of a beautifully stylish, intimate & stress-free ceremony just me, my love, and the Eiffel Tower. Followed by a couple of weeks of gallivanting around Europe, of course. That’s how I always envisioned my bridal story...

But it isn’t the story I got.

I didn’t feel invincible, beautiful, or powerful on my wedding day. I didn’t wear what I wanted to wear. I wasn’t as excited as I wanted to be. And I didn’t feel as comfortable or as beautiful as I had imagined I would feel. I also didn’t elope in Paris. I surrendered to the expectations my family had for my wedding day. I sacrificed my vision so that others could have their moment.


And, I regret it.

Style Me NeNe was created to keep you from doing the same.


Because if your family is anything like mine, they are NO DOUBT going to tell you what they think. They might even make you question your choice to elope. But, they’re also going to support you no matter what you choose. And in the end, we both know, they’ll see just how dope eloping is.

That’s right. I’m not here just to find you something fabulous to wear.  I’m here to have your back. To help you stand strong in your boundaries. 


I’m here to take finding the “perfect wedding day look” off your plate. So you can focus on enjoying your wedding journey.


I’m here to bring your style vision to life. You can trust me to find you a look that is stylish AF & entirely you. Because I know how important standing out and feeling beautiful on your wedding day is.


I’m here to make you feel comfortable & confident in what you’re buying. Because I’m not only a stylist. I’m a designer. 


This means I speak the language of fabrics, fit, and garment construction in a way most people don’t understand. I see the clothes as the experience they’ll create for you. I’m not just picking things out because they’re cute. I’m considering you & them as a whole. 


What’s going to work for you, your body, & your wedding. 

What’s going to camouflage your insecurities & highlight your assets.

What’s going to make you feel invincible, beautiful, & powerful.


I’m here to make sure you look & feel the way you always dreamed of on your wedding day.


That is Style Me NeNe’s God-given mission.

But, how did I get here?


As a strong advocate for black women, it was my goal, as I was planning my own wedding, to hire as many black-owned companies as I could. 

But, as I searched for vendors and companies that spoke to my very specific style of unique, I realized just how few there were. 


So. I decided to create the company I had been searching for. 

Through NAK Design Studio, I started designing non-traditional bridal attire that caters to the segment of black women who were being overlooked or forced into a style that really wasn’t their own. 

Always a stylist at heart, it didn't take long for me to start styling my brides, as well. And quickly, styling black brides became an extension of myself. 

Style Me NeNe was born. 

An Elopement Wardrobe Design & Styling service for the fashion-forward bride who wants to look as fierce as she feels on her wedding day.

Whether you're packing your attire for a destination wedding or going down to the courthouse - you will feel like a queen with Style Me NeNe.

- Nichole Kenner-Harris


Whether you're packing your attire for a destination wedding or going down to the courthouse - you will feel like a queen with Style Me NeNe.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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