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10 Non Traditional Wedding Hairstyles for Natural Hair

If you’ve been going through wedding pictures in preparation for your big day and wonder why you aren’t seeing photos of brides with natural hair, it’s because most brides get talked out of it. Most hairstylists, friends, and, sometimes, family believe natural hair isn’t appealing enough for weddings, and convince brides to straighten their curls or hide their kinks. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth because natural hair is beautiful and classy!

So if you wear your natural hair regularly and don’t want to alter it for your wedding day, we’ve got you covered. For a list of non-traditional wedding hairstyles for natural hair, keep reading below!

Long Sultry Waves

An unconventional but lovely way to style your natural hair for your wedding is by leaving it to flow down your back. Not every bridal hairstyle has to be packed up. Your husband and guests will want to see you in all your glory, so show them your glorious hair. Hold it back from your face and create loose waves with a hair spray. Once the hair is dry, you can wear your tiara or crown of flowers, and walk like a princess down the aisle.

Cornrows with Twisted Hawks

Mohawks make everyone look great. This makes them the perfect wedding hairstyle. Cut out a nice hawk and twist it loosely to keep it neat and elegant. Next, plait the sides of the hair into neat cornrows and pack it all in the back. With your veil and hair adornments, you can step out looking extremely gorgeous.

Twisted Side Hawk

The twisted side hawk is a lovely up-do that draws attention to a bride’s face and neck. It also gives your earrings the chance to shine. To get the twisted side hawk, brush your hair from the left side to the center, hold it with a pin, and twist it nicely to form a hawk.

Halo Twist with Low Bun

The halo twist with low bun is one of the prettiest non-traditional hairstyles for natural hair –especially if you’ll be adorning your hair with a flowery crown. To perfect this style, twist your hair neatly from the front, down the side to the back, and pack it in a bun.

High bun with Side Braids

Every bride looks spectacular in a bun so pack your natural hair in a neat, high bun. To enhance the look, you can make single braids on both sides and adorn them with beads or pins.

Chunky Twists with Low Buns

To perfect this hairstyle, weave your hair into big chunky twists and gather it all at the back. Make use of a bedazzled hairpin to hold it together at your nape. You can leave some locks of hair down the sides to nicely frame your face.

Sleek Low Bun

If you don’t want to twist your hair or wear cornrows, you can wear it straightly. Simply make a nice side parting in front of your head and very neatly, take your hair back in an elegant chignon.

Box Braids

Ignore whoever claims a bride can’t wear braids for her wedding and plait your natural hair! Braids are wonderful styles for weddings because they can be styled in numerous ways. You can style it into a bun or hold it together in a single braid down your back. You can also make halo twists or Mohawks. Whatever idea you have with box braids, don’t let anyone’s opinion stop you from styling your hair exactly how you desire.

Curly Afro

Go big on your special day with a nice curly fro. If your ends are stubborn and don’t curl easily, you can use a rod set. Wrap parts of your hair on perm rods and sit under a dryer. Lastly, release your curls when they’re dry and separate them to create volume.

Halo Crown Braids

Part your hair in the center and neatly braid both sides down to the back. Pack it into a nice bun in the back and beautify the braids with gold strings.

With these ten hairstyles listed above, you can step into your wedding venue looking like royalty!

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