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How to Switch up your Elopement outfit from Ceremony to Reception

Are you a bride who loves to keep ‘em guessing? Here are some tips for switching up your elopement outfit from ceremony to reception without hassle!

#1: Detachable sleeves. Sleeves are having a moment and you can jump on the trend by adding detachable sleeves to your wedding dress then removing them for your reception. Pick similar colors and textures/embellishments then take your sleeves off for a hassle-free wedding day look!

#2: Bridal jackets. Denim and leather bridal jackets have been on trend for the last few years and are cost-effective. You can take your wedding day looks up a notch with a custom bridal jacket for your gown. Many orthodox churches require covered arms/shoulders so once your ceremony is over, remove your jacket and have fun on the dance floor!

#3: Reception look. Rock your dream formal gown down the aisle, then snatch it off and try a comfy jumpsuit like our Gabrielle jumpsuit (shop HERE) or a flirty short dress for your reception. You will be able to dance and thank your friends and family in comfort AND style.

#4: Bridal capes. Upgrade your wedding look with a bridal cape like our Carmen Cape HERE Once it's time to party, hang up your cape and get down to the dance floor. You can add it back for pictures and for departing, especially if you want to leave your guests in awe as you head off with your honey.

Need more ideas to look amazing on your wedding day? Book a free consultation with one of our bridal stylists! They'll help you put together the perfect looks for your ceremony and reception that will make your big day memorable!

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