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How to Save Money on your Elopement

Not every engaged couple is choosing an elopement to save money but for those who are, an elopement or micro wedding serves as the perfect backdrop to express your love yet still save some coins. With the smaller guest size, you can splurge wherever you like yet cut back on some of the wedding related expenses that end up being a bit more.

Check out this list of 5 Tips to Save Money On Your Luxe Elopement.

1. Get rid of the big cake

Elopements are about you and your partner NOT about a super fancy multi-tiered wedding cake. Forgo cake for mini pies and ice cream, cookies and mini milk shots or pretty decorated cookies. Your guests will enjoy the smaller dessert sizes and you can even work with a caterer who will ship your treats to guests who couldn't make the trip.

2. Try an off day at your favorite venue

One of the great things about elopements is that they are frequently off the cuff. If your heart is set on a particular location to exchange "I do's," consider their ‘off day’ wedding prices. You can save as much as 75% off the total bill for rental depending on your location!

3. Try repurposing or recycling

Bridal separates are a great addition to your wardrobe, and your elopement! Mix and match your pieces to create new looks. The same for suits. Have your partner rock a sport coat and jeans or suspenders, and a bow tie with slacks. Have fun expressing your unique style!

4. Reduce the food

You don't need to serve a full meal if you don't want to, but you can reduce your guest list. Also, you can choose this time to do tastier options or a wider range of meals that may get costly with a larger guest list.

5. Flowers for less

Florals and food are some of the most expensive items on a wedding budget but with the smaller guest list and less formality of elopements, you can splurge on the floral wall of your dreams if you’d like. You can also experiment with smaller bouquets and arrangements or even nix real flowers completely! The choice is yours!

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